i just walked like 3 hours yolo but it was a nice walk bc pretty view wanna see a bit i took shoots for u » » »

i live in reñaca beach which is [according to wikipedia]

A popular area of beaches and balnearios in the Valparaiso Region of Chile.

It is known mostly as a summer vacation area and receives a very large influx of tourists during the summer months (December–February). The lower part of the hill overlooking the beach is covered with somewhat unique staircase residential buildings that sprawl up the hillside. The town also extends eastwards up the valley through which the Estero de Reñaca flows.

As expected of a summer resort town, there is a great gama of wonderful hotels, apartment rentals, lively nightlife activities and excellent seafood and international cuisine restaurants.

then there’s my version ok

it’s a white girl neighborhood like u know those summer blogs that suck well yes that’s us omfg and in sunny seasons it gets super overflowed with people like there’s 27 people and a dog per square feet and you can barely walk it’s annoying


at the bottom you can see those weird ass buildings that look like stairs they’re cleverly placed right next to the beach so if when there’s another huge deadly earthquake and leads to a tsunami we’ll all die super fast yay ***disclaimer: not me bc i’m fab i live at the top i have time to run to china***

also i don’t have pics but the residential area goes a long way to the east sorrounding a swampy division called “estero” i don’t have pics of that tho like who wants to see a poo river

nevertheless is kinda cool bc as any vacational area there’s a little bit of everything and always close like a tiny mall (fun fact: we call it small), loads of hotels, restaurants, and night (or day) clubs then ofc the beach where u find pig-out spots, handcrafted crap, skinny bitches, fat old ladies and pastry sellers that think the best marketing strategy is to yell CUCHUFLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ROASTED PEANUT CHEAPY CHURRO

i walked through this really nice section where there’s a street right next to a little cliff that leads to the ocean and there’s some spas/hotels placed over the rocks and the sunset is amazing





btw in a part of that avenue there’s a statue called the “black virgin” in a curve and rumor has it that if u look at it while you pass by u’ll crash fall to the rocks and probably die and it actually happens a lot but not bc of some creepy nun curse but bc it’s a tight turn and everyone’s wasted whoops


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